Sunday, August 22, 2010

Mini Album - Wedding in Cabo San Lucas!

Hi Everybody!  This is a small 6x6" album with a pressed metal embellishment for the front cover.  I added a double ribbon (sorry I didn't iron it for the photo!)  We all went to Baja for my brother's wedding and I wanted to make a keepsake for the pictures of the fun we had that weekend.  

I hid the ribbon under the first page base cardstock.  The album was made using 3 basic colors, a couple different embellishments, and the same basic style:  1) Colors were Yellow, Brown & Blue;  2) Embellishments were Stapled Ribbon, Sea Glass, Small Beach pieces;  3) The Style followed the entire album  All patterned paper was cut in 3" strips and set either horizontally or vertically with a solid coordinating paper under it.

Rub-ons were used over the patterned and solid cardstock.  If I didn't print my journaling on the printer, I would have made all the pages first and then added pictures and then embellishments.  It goes so much faster that way.  For this album, I just matched up the patterned paper with solids.  I then decided how many pages I could make and how many were in the album.  Every page has either 2" or 3" strips of patterned paper.
The patterned paper runs along the bottom of these 2 pages with solid yellow at the top.  3 ribbons were folded in half and stapled to the page before I adhered it to the cardboard page of the album.  I took regular-sized cardstock and ran it through my printer with wording about the trip.  (My handwriting is so ugly!)
This patterned paper runs vertically with brown in the background.  I also printed directly on the patterned paper.
This is a piece of sea glass I bought that had a hole in it.  I added a brad and wrapped an iridescent ribbon around the back of the brad.  The rub-on letters worked great on the sea glass.
This is a sample of the 3 pieces of ribbon I stapled to the page. (I actually started running out of matching pieces of ribbon so some pages have only 1 piece - oops!)
Every caption I add jumps the photo up to the top - sorry it won't correspond with the photo.  I couldn't crop out my diet Coke either - I do love them, though!
I added a small flower to his piece of sea glass and it hangs out under the photo.
This page is totally different in style and color.  Since it was the last page and represents more of a formal and kind of elegant photo, I though it was a good ending.  I found some really textured swirly paper and bought some ribbon dress makers would use on a lace dress for the top and bottom of the page.  I cut one of the roses out for an embellishment with ribbon tucked underneath.
Thanks for looking!


  1. What a beautiful mini!
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Very nice you did a nice job tfs!!!


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