Monday, August 9, 2010

Yikes, only 3 weeks until school begins!  Remember that commercial, "It's the Hap-happiest time of the year!"  The dad is pushing the shopping cart thru Toys R Us dancing as he goes and the 2 kids are dragging, slowing walking behind him as he fills the cart with notebooks and pencils.  I love that commercial!  It made me really laugh the first time I felt like that guy!

Today I am making a scrapbook layout of when our family went to Hawaii.  This was a great trip to the North Shore at Easter.  My brother and his son, my parents and my husband's mom and step dad all shared a big house on the beach.  It's such a laid-back area of Oahu and the peel and eat shrimp trucks (caught right outside the trucks in these large ponds) were the best! 

I took a curve template I made by tracing 2 saucers in a patterned paper and then matted them with this handmade waffley paper underneath, I matted some of the photos cut acrylic sheets with flower shapes then inked and layered with embossed cardboard ones.  I also used sea glass, raffia paper, various embellishments from Michael's, paper flowers and shells.  

You'll note that the curves either meet at the middle of the two-page layout or are on the far sides.  I continued this theme throughout this large, many-paged layout.

Hope you like it!

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