Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer Mini Album! Part 1

Hi Everyone!

I wanted to do a mini album to show all our fun adventures during the summer!  I bought some medium weight chipboard and made a 6 page layered album.  The first page has an "S" on the edge, the second a "U", third "M", fourth "M", fifth "E" and sixth "R".

I used George & Basic Shapes cartridge to cut 6 layers of the album.  There are 6 different sizes, each page getting longer by 1/2".  Each page has a letter welded to it with my Gypsy.  The letters are from Cuttin' Up.  If for no other reason, get the Gypsy for the welding feature - it's terrific!  The other best reason is so that you don't have to get out any cartridges, you just turn on the Gypsy and create!

All the pages are 6" tall.  The first page welds the "S" onto the top right hand side of the page and it is 5" wide (not including the S), the second page is 5.5", the third is 6", etc.  The last page with an "R" is 7.5" wide.  I put each page on a a separate layer in my Gypsy.  That way I can see where to weld the letters so that they overlap just a bit.

To cut out the chipboard I recommend using light weight chip board instead of what I used.  I cut each page 9 times, 3 times at a depth of 4 with pressure at medium high, 3 times at 5 and 3 times at 6 with high pressure and I still had to use my exacto knife!

Here's the way the pages turned out.

The letters are all roughly 1.5" but since I made some small and some capital letters, I had to adjust the size to make them all about the same height.  On your Gypsy, you can see through all the layers to see where the letters are going to line up when the pages are stacked up.

This shows how I welded the S to the edge of the rounded square from George and Basic Shapes.

I will show you how I glued to summery patterned card stock onto the pages in the next part of the series!

Take care,
Lisa  :~)

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