Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Mini Album! Part 2

Hi everyone!,

Okay, this is pretty fun!  I cut each layer in a summery patterned paper, once right side up and once right side down.  The first one goes on the top and the second one goes on the back of the page.

This paper is from Rusty Sun in a pack I have been looking at for a couple years!  It was too cute and fits the theme perfectly!

I used my rough nail file to smooth down the edges of each page after I adhered the patterned paper.  I also used a brown cats-eye chalk from Color Box along the edges of each page - that made the biggest difference in how it looks.  Before I used the brown chalk, it looked unfinished and the grey cardboard stood out (and not in a good way!).  Now it looks very cohesive and all the brown edges ties the book together.

I am debating cutting out each of the letters (S, U, M, m, e, R) in bright, solid colors to stand out along the edges.  I'll see how it looks as I go and then decide.

The Cinch is a great tool - once you get the hang of it.  If you look at the weird-shaped holes in the second and third pages, you can see I am challenged in this regard!  I nudged the guide bar on the Cinch and cut out a couple of pages in the wrong spot - Oops!  When the book says to pull out peg 12 for a 6 inch page, just do it.  :~)   Actually, using less pegs probably would have worked better since the sides of my album are curved.  Next time!!

Here's my covered album pages.  I am so excited! - now I have to get out there and take my kids fun places!  Heeheehee.

The front cover is full of happy sun-shaped flowers.  Each page is tiered 1/2" from the next page.
When I cut out this patterned paper, I just cut it out twice since the paper is two-sided.  The second cut out I adhered to the back of the "S" page which you can see in the last photo.

Here's the back side of the "S" page and how it looks next to the "U".

This was so fun!  I can't wait to add the inside art & photos in Part 3.

Take care,
Lisa  :~)

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